Nigerian Men Should Stop Making Excuses For Their Financial Inadequacies

I’ve noticed that a lot of Nigerian men, especially on social media always make excuses for their financial inadequacies. Instead of them to keep quiet and focus on becoming financially well off, they will reveal their financial insecurities by demonizing and lambasting any woman who says she would rather date a guy who has money.
Most times you will see them making comments like “Women are hoes” Women are gold diggers.” “Women should focus on love and not on the financial state of the man”. You will even see them saying that women should try to manage with a man who is earning low and should stop aiming too high in terms of the financial capacities of the man they want because money isn’t all that matters.
I have also noticed that these kind of men are usually lazy. Most of their time is spent on social media arguing, insulting women and complaining about how women love money so much.
And these men are usually frustrated, broke and low achievers. It’s not surprising that they are in the financial state they are in. Real men who have money don’t complain like they do.
They know how the world works and they work hard to be financially successful and they let their financial success speak for them and attract whatever kind of women they want. They don’t spend all day on social media casting aspersions on women who prefer a certain kind of lifestyle and men who understand and can provide such lifestyle.
Seriously, if you are such a man I feel really sorry for you. No amount of whining and complaining will change your condition. Leave social media and go and hustle. If you have money you won’t have time to worry about what women want.
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