Eminem Announces Release Date For New Album ‘Revival’ & Fans Are Freaking Out

Now THIS is a creative way to announce an album dropping. Everyone has been waiting for Eminem, 45, to release his first new studio LP in seven long years and his buddy Dr. Dre, 52, made the big announcement on Nov. 28 in such a fun way. In a pre-produced Instagram video made to look like a  pharmaceutical commercial, a guy in a white polo shirt and glasses named Trevor tells us that Revival — which is used to treat moderate to severe Atrox Rithimus — isn’t a pill for a medical condition but rather the name of Em’s new album and it’s dropping on Dec. 15! Hah. This is the culmination of a crazy promotional campaign and fans are going nuts with the news that Revival finally has a release date.

Fans had been guessing about the album’s name after Slim Shady rolled out a promotional campaign in Oct. for a new medicine called Revival. “Trevor” has appeared in several other ads for the medication, and said it could be used to help people “Walk on Water” starting on Nov. 10 which turned out to be the title of the rapper’s duet with Beyonce, 36 that dropped on that date. Em even posted an Instagram photo of a fake prescription pad for Revival with the words “Walk on Water. Take as needed” scrawled on it like a doctor’s handwriting. There is even a full website devoted to the fake drug Revival, he went THAT far to tease his fans.  See pics of Eminem, here.

Dre posted the announcement video with the caption, “Use as prescribed by your doctor. @eminem.” Within two hours it had over 100,000 likes and comments ranging from “Shady’s back!!” to “About f**ing time!” Others fans used heart and smiling emojis to share their joy that Eminem is finally returning with new music after seven long years following his last studio album, 2010’s Recovery, which came on the heels of 2009’s Relapse. If we’re going by titles, Revival sounds like he’s out of a dark place and coming back to take over the title of the king of rhymes. Dec. 15 can’t come soon enough!

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