50 Cent Sends A Savage Shot At Rick Ross

50 Cent strikes once more! There are likely none preferred at trolling on Instagram over Fiddy and the excitement and music head honcho has quite recently given another case demonstrating this reality. Long-term adversary Rick Ross was in the news today after he was potentially admitted to doctor’s facility for pneumonia. In spite of the fact that the reports have not been affirmed that he was hospitalized, Ross was purportedly unwell as a call was put from his home the previous evening at 3:30 am. 50 Cent took his risk to send a few shots to the Miami rapper, posting a photograph on Instagram of the report, and including a snickering emoticon. It likewise seems like 50 may have changed a few words to add some humor to the content.

Fiddy inscribed the post with “No remark” yet the photograph itself does all the talking. The picture that 50 posted composes that Ross was “slobbing from the mouth” and had “boo-booed on himself.” While the previous expression is clear as crystal, we are uncertain in the event that we need to recognize what involves “boo-booing” on oneself. Unmistakably, the two stay on awful terms as confirm by this case.

All joking aside, we trust Rick Ross is sound and well and, if the reports of pneumonia are valid, we wish him an expedient recuperation.

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