Surveying people’s biased opinion on the python dance II operation ongoing at the Southeastern part of Nigeria which includes Enugu, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, and Imo, I think it’s high time we looked at the purpose of this military operation from a different perspective.

Nigeria army on patrol for operation python dance II

Few days ago at the start of the operation, Lt. Gen tukur buratai stated that main aim of the python dance is to “curb the rising threat to national security in the south eastern part of the country” which include the alleged kidnappings, local villagers clashes and disputes (the Fulani herdsman and local villagers) why do this Fulani people like wahala sef?. But do not be misled there is more to this than it meets the eyes.

protest led by Nnamdi Kanu supporters against the python dance operation

The agitation led by Nwannekaenyi ”Nnamdi” Kanu the popular British-Nigerian activist for the movement of the independent nation of Biafra is Starting to gain more momentum among the southeast indigenes of Nigeria causing fracture of opinion within the southeast community and creating tension for these states leaders, while the president was away with an unknown illness (but probably due to old age and a failing body system I guess)little action was taken to curb this movement allowing it to gain as much ground something needed to be done.    

Operation python dance II is just a sheer act of bullying from the federal government, ever experienced a scenario of bullying before? There are only two outcomes; either the victim walks away silently in shame or fights back, if he opts for the later he might be making a big mistake as he might get assaulted by his bigger opponent. So the question is are we up for a surprise here?.



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