A golden chance in life.

My Name is Tobi Adewusi, lover of God, golden wife, golden mother, golden mentor, golden life coach, and may I also add a proud Nigerian. My passion is helping people especially Nigerians make golden choices for their lives, be it personal, family or career.A golden chance in life

 A decade ago I was a Customer Service Manager at a well know bank which is still in existence till date. I wish I could say those years were exciting and memories I treasure forever, but I can’t! They were dreadful. Apart from having to deal with angry and impatience customers on a daily basis, I had a very horrible boss that I just couldn’t please no matter how much I tried to ease our job because I was doing her job but she was collecting the salary of the oga. As they say monkey dey work baboon dey chop. Things got so bad that it started affecting my marriage, my husband and I would quarrel over every other day about the littlest things to the very huge and important stuff.

I was first to leave the house and last to return home. Weekends were when I catch up with resting which didn’t leave much room for cooking or taking care of the home. One faithful day, I got to work and got a tip from a senior colleague that there were words that I was going to be fired, after few investigations myself I found out it was true, so I had no choice than to resign rather than result to being fired so it doesn’t ruin my chances in future employment prospects. At the time, I remember clearly, I was actually quite happy resigning because I was extremely fed up, but I never had the mind to resign when I think of my contribution to the children and home expenses, and the burden would have been too much for my husband all alone. 

To cut the long story short I was at home looking and applying for jobs in other banks, till one day, I realized I had been wasting my time and it was totally my fault for allowing people dictate my life and career path when there were so many golden opportunities out there to be explored and to take great advantage off if only we can open our minds to creative innovative golden ideas all around us. We are so engrossed with keeping up with our employers KPIs, giving all we have into it because of the fear of losing our jobs, if only we can just take a step back and re-evaluate where you want your life to be. 

To live a golden lifestyle is not a choice it’s a Right! Are you tired of the same boring job? Do you want that out of the box golden career? Why not drop us an email goldinvestmentbiz@gmail.com or place a call to us +234 814 831 7526 to register you for the next golden career class that will improve your orientation in digging deep to executing your passion and making a career out of it. 



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