​Tips To Stay Awake While Studying

Drink a Lot of Water: When you’re trying
to stay awake waters the way to go.

Dehydration can make you sleepy, so

keeping your body hydrated will stave

off those symptoms. If you are really

sleepy, drink a lot of water to make

sure you stay up. If you have to get up

to go to the bathroom, it will definitely

keep you awake! by water I don’t mean

alcohol or coffee because it may

contain water.

Take Breaks: Your brain is a complex

thing but it still needs rest if you want

to study hard for a long time as well as

doing the best you can on your test.

Schedule out your time so you can take

a break try a study routine for 45

minutes, break for 15, and so forth. Set

the alarm on your mobile so you don’t

forget (or if you’re afraid you’ll fall

asleep). Watch a TV show, talk to a

friend, read a book, or listen to some

music but nothing school related at all,

even if it’s a TV show.

Exercise: Exercise can be a great way to

wake yourself up take a short walk,

dance to some music on your iPod

(without waking up your roommates or

your parents depending on where your

living and the time), or head over to

the gym for a little while. Taking a

shower after a workout can wake you

up even more (cold will wake you up

but shocking the body’s never good so

just a general shower).

Don’t Study Somewhere Comfortable

No curling up into a nice ball on your

pillow with soft music playing the

background will not help you stay

awake, maybe heavy metal rock will

but its better just to sit on a chair back

straight lamp on and revise, no

pillows, no comfortableness, when

your body wants to sleep yet you have

to fight it comfort ability should be

what your actively seeking to stop.

Eat a Snack: Get your blood sugar up by

eating a healthy snack (junk food will

just give you a burst of energy but then

you’ll crash and collapse for 7 hours,

wake up and realise you didn’t do any

revision). Apples are always a good

food to help you keep your blood sugar

stable so you can stay awake (a lot of

people say they will wake you up


better than caffeine and hey its also

one of your 5-a-day)

Other Study Tip;

1. Do your work. Plenty of times, you

get sidetracked. Avoid this by

setting a constant pace for yourself:

50 minutes of work, and a 10

minute break. Besides, keeping your

mind occupied will make it easier to

stay awake.

2. Avoid caffeine, if possible. See

warnings for reasons why. Drink

two brimming glasses of ice cold

water every 30 minutes. Not only

will the cold keep you awake, but

you’ll need to urinate very often.

It’s difficult to sleep on the toilet.

3. Play (softly, if you have a roommate)

hard-core metal music. You may

enjoy it, but it must be, at all costs,

harsh and a bit arrhythmic. Try to

stick to instrumental music, which

is less distracting. This will keep

you from being lulled to sleep.

4. Work with windows open. cold air will

keep you awake. Warm air knocks

you out. If you find the cold air is

effective in keeping you awake, you

can even go to the bathroom and

wash your face with cold water.

Only wash your face if you are

getting tired, you don’t want to

waste studying time.

5. Set your computer screen to a lower

setting, (duller and darker) so as not to

strain your eyes. See warnings for

why not to.

6. Turn off instant messengers, your

cellphone, the TV, and do not surf

the Internet, read, draw, etc. In fact,

pinch yourself if you do. This can

distract you very easily.

7. Do not work in bed, on a couch, or on

the floor. If you work in any other

place than a cold, hard table and

chair, you will feel very tempted to

sleep. If possible, work somewhere

far away from your room/bed, so

it’s a pain to go back and sleep. Try

to be around some other people,

too, so you do not feel comfortable

sleeping in your chair.

8. Set a timer, if you’re going to nap.

Don’t nap for more than 20

minutes, and stay half-awake.

Avoid napping at all costs, though.

“Just 20 minutes of relaxation” will

more likely involve you waking up

past your class the next day.

9. Rotate subjects every hour, if

applicable. You’ll quickly mentally

wear out on one topic.

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10. Work through it all. If you have time

at the end, pack up your stuff, lay

out your clothes, then set your

alarm as late as possible, to achieve

the most possible sleep.

11. Try sitting in different places

around the room.

12. Remember: if you are tired and are

completely slumping over your

work, sit up straight. It could

immediately make you feel more

awake. Yes, it sounds silly, but try


– Eat protein-rich foods like

sandwiches, cheese, and other dairy

products. Sugary foods may make

you feel awake for a little while, but

can eventually make you feel

drowsy. Apples or apple juice also

help, especially if you eat cheese

with it. Apples keep your blood

sugar stable so you’re able to stay

awake longer, some say they’re

better than caffeine!

– Think positively. Thoughts such

as: “I am almost done,” “This is

actually not too bad,” “I will get to

see the sunrise,” “I will get a good

grade” can definitely help.

– Get scared. Sure, it sounds silly,

but do it. Watch a horror movie or

read something frightening. You’ll

be too scared to fall asleep. Do not

do this if there is work to be

finished, though!

– Tap your feet! It may seem weird,

but it helps for some people to

consistently tap their feet. If it

becomes a habit, it might just save

you from falling asleep at those

final dire moments.

– Chew gum. Like tapping your feet,

it keeps you awake without being


– Squeeze and Massage your Ears

There are acupoints on your ears,

and when stimulated, send

electrical signals into your brain.

You’ll feel buzzed immediately.

– Don’t eat granola, milk or lemons.

These are all foods that will make

you tired and sleepy.

– Always have the light on. It’s hard

to stay awake when you’re in a nice

dark room.